Getting the Eye ball glare


these arn’t mine, but they get the point across.

I’m sure this happens with any animal a person owns, who is on a regular feeding scedual, instead of free feed. I feed my horses at the same time, every day, I have been for years. But it never fails, a little while before I normally head out to start feeding, I get the glare. The “I see you enjoying your morning coffee, and relaxation, but I don’t care, I’m going to start a ruckus, I’m going to holler, stomp and stare at you until you are so uncomfortable you will feed me early.”

I dont, I feed them at the same time, even getting the glare. Im sure they hate me during this time. Whatelse should the human, with obviously nothing better to do, be doing, than feeding them? It makes me laugh, as well as shout across the yard that they will get fed when I am good and damn well ready to feed them.

Some days I’ll torment them, forgoing my morning relaxation to top off their waters while they watch for any sign I am heading to the hay truck. Bee bopping to music as they huff and puff at my lack of pity that they are obviously starving so hard, those jiggles in their bums must be their stomach eating away at their body, and not plump jiggles. Even now, ten minutes before normal feeding time, as I finnish up this post I have three sets of eyes watching my every move. (three is the number of horses who can see me as I sit on the back porch) I’m sure they are reporting movements to the others in the further fields.

Even the goats, stare at me. The goats who have no shortage of chow in their area arent happy until they have their allotted hay.

Just an amusing thought that passed into my head, as I relax before feeding time and chores.


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