As I stand just inside the barn doors I watch the sun creep over the hay fields. Dawn breaking the darkness in swaths of rose and crimson streaks against the early morning mist. Steam rises off the backs of the prized horses grazing in the fields. Young colts and filly race over the hills, challenging each other in feats of speed. I hear the rustle of shavings as those in the barn behind me wake for the day. This calm and relative quiet each morning speaks of wonders and mysteries that are slowly revealed as a normal day, with chores and work to be done. But the breaking of the dawn, that is what I wait for. Soon the bustle of labor will steal it all away. The calls of roosters, cows and dogs will quickly hide what peace this time holds. Even now I can hear the hens beginning to stir in their roosts, getting ready to offer the daily eggs. Slowly the cattle dog at my feet stands and begins her lengthy process of stretching the kinks and cricks out of lanky legs and fluffy back. She looks up at my face with a laugh known only to the canine family. With a half wag of her white-tipped tail she slips off into the morning fog to do whatever a dog does to welcome the day. With a smile of my own, I turn into the barn, seeing velvet noses already leaning over half doors, looking for their breakfast. Snorts and stomps begin. The demands of a new day have arrived. It wont end until well after dusk, when each two-legged person feels the weariness of long hours, back-breaking work, and repetition. For most the thoughts never touch what they’re doing with their hands, repetition taking over in muscle memories, letting the mind wonder as the body works. Grabbing a wheeled barrel, I walk quickly to the stacks of sweet-smelling hay. Its time to get to work. Tomorrow will bring another moment of calm quiet. For now, it begins again.