Dreams are strange. I wonder what they mean sometimes.

We are driving in two cars, down a highway. Coming from a school play. Stopping in a small town outside of whatever city we where in, we went to what looked like a Japanese traditional festival training grounds.

Pulled into a shop, we where given gowns for women, and shirts and slacks for men. They had shoes and sandles for everyone, but I did not have socks, having worn flip flops all day, and the women’s shoes called for socks.

My aunt went back to the car for something, and the kind lady who was taking us on a tour of the training, but insisted we wear the normal clothes said I could go back to the car and look for socks, she would hold the tour, or I could wear the shoes without socks.

Now normally when I go away from the group, I normal end up in a dream of Supernatural proportions, the world goes crazy, I end up having to kill, battle, and fight my ass off. Which is normally an exciting dream, and I love them.

But for some reason, I wanted to stay with the group, put on the fun clothes and explore. I got the gown on, but before I could put the shoes on, and go exploring, my fiance woke me up. Quite sad. I have a good amount of control on my dreams, and I completely expected this one to be fun.