Oh Golly Gee. I’ve joined the damned band wagon of SPN freaks.

When my boyfriend (at the time) first put on supernatural I scoffed at the idea. There have been so many shows so much like it. Brothers Grimm, etc are similar. Fantasy and supernatural (no pun intended) are so popular now a days I really couldn’t get into it then. So I ignored the show as he watched it, kept my mind otherwise occupied. I did this for most of the shows life. From season 1 to season…7 i think, before I actually gave it any thought other than, isn’t this show rather repetitive. And I still think its repetitive. Dean gets powerful, ooh bad, Sam gets super powerful, ooh bad, Castile gets super powerful, ooh bad… so on and so forth and often repetitive. Sam gets deamony, goes into the panic room, rinse and repeat. So on and on I ignored it. Until this year. Season 10 just finished and I thought, what the hell. My fiance (see, he got an upgrade) has a new game, so I can watch without too many interruptions. I put on season 1 and struggled through it. I’m sorry, but season one is still harsh to get through. (Honestly I didn’t really get into it completely until bobby and cas show up, sad right?) I did this for each and every season, actually watching, noticing the character development, you can ACTUALY see the actors get more comfortable around each other. the character development, and each attempt at a unique monster story. (ok there are a number of filler episodes, but what series doesn’t have that.) And Charlie, ha, what a great amusing character who on so many levels hits home. So anyways, I watched it. Now I’m called Obsessed. I wonder why. Because I binge watch the show? I added the actors to my silly websites? I google the characters? (BTW becarfel when you do that…. Some people need a hobby, that isn’t weird art of…..stuff…) Meh, if you want to call me obsessed sure, go ahead, but honestly I don’t see how my final enjoyment of this series is any different from my enjoyment of Star trek, battle star, star gate, heros, Downton Abby, or big bang theory. OK, I might not fantasize (In a very adult way) about anyone on big bang….. but hey, who hasn’t had naughty thoughts after seeing something that catches your eye. Now as I sit here writing this, I am listening to season 1 episode 3 finishing up and you know what. I might just watch it again, in order, all the way through. Another binge watch. Before I see if something else catches my eye. Hey, Ive been reading reviews on shows like Vikings, Sparticus, even OZ or Orange is the New black. Maybe Ill have a new obsession soon.


2 thoughts on “Obessions

    • Thank you Rarasaur! That is how I feel. Being able to binge on a show lets you get into it, feel what the story is about, instead of waiting and waiting for the next episode and or season to tie up loose ends, or just get on with it.

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