Calm before the Storm

As I sit here listening to my horses eat their breakfast, I wonder what the future holds for us. It is likely in as little as two months we will be on our way to a new life. More land, a bigger ranch, freedom to run and play. My geese complain because they and the other birds havent been let out to range yet. But I, as warden of my little ‘prison’ as I like to call it, just want to let the calm of the ranch we are at sink in. It’s not a bad place. Too many up and not enough flat maybe. But its private, we have an arena of course. But it’s not enough. We will be multiplying our land greatly, with barns and stables already there. Hay fields, milking barns. A lovely ranch hidden in the midst of Washington state. Far from the drought, and heat of California. Costs of horse hauler, vet bills, U-hauls, Cleaning crews flicker in and out of my head as I watch two of my horses searching for left over dropped hay. I tell them constantly not to fret, and they have no idea why I tell them that shortly they will have fresh grass and more room to run. They just wonder what we might do today in the arena, or when the next little hidden treat might slip out of my pocket into a soft little nose. I tell my geese and ducks they get their own real pond now. No more kiddy pools for them. My chickens and peacocks get more than 40 acres to run. And the only one who is stressing out is me, the silly little human who has three chores in all these animals eyes, food, water and cleaning poop. They don’t know I’m trying to make their lives better, they don’t know it’s not the best already. In a few short weeks the vet will come out and give them all their vaccines, and test them all for those little horrors you need to know they don’t have before crossing state lines. It will work out, It’s just in human nature to stress just before the storm we knew was coming hits.


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