6 Disgusting Things About Giving Birth That You Need To Know

This is so true, in such a funny way.

Thought Catalog

Getting from there to here is a dirty, dirty game. Getting from there to here is a dirty, dirty game.

I can pretty much hear many of your biological clocks ticking from here, and while I think parenthood is a valid choice to make if that’s your path and you’re not doing it to get on Teen Mom, I feel like you need to be warned about what exactly you’re getting your ass into.

There are so many completely perfect things about having a baby. It’s empowering. It hard and then you do it and then for the rest of your life, you rarely doubt your ability to do anything. If that’s not the best possible takeaway from an experience, I don’t know what is. I seriously take issue, however, with the bullshit idea that pregnancy and birth are these lovely, mystical, dreamy things. Having a baby is not 9 months of sitting on a tuffet, eating ice…

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